The album Badlands, from Blues-Rock artist Jennifer Lyn, couldn’t come at a better time. As a new generation takes the reins, keeping Blues-based music alive is needed more than ever to remind us of our own history and preserve the love of this genre for generations to come. 

As a songwriter, recording artist, and musician with a growing social media following worldwide supporting the music she makes with her band Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival, she’s focused on leaving a positive impact with her Blues-based music. 

Her debut album I’m All Wrong for You Baby touched on her musical diversity with songs ranging from traditional Blues, Rock, and ballads with gospel undertones. Her latest release, Badlands, delves even further and casts an eye on a blend of different musical experiences creating a variation of Blues music that embraces a wide pallet of many sub-genres. 

“Female blues guitarists have long been an important part of the Blues-Rock world. You only have to think of ladies like Ana Popovic, Bonnie Raitt or Joanne Shaw Taylor to understand what I mean. And now we can also add Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival to that list.” - Blues Magazine

Jennifer Lyn proves that she will be a force to be reckoned with in the Blues Rock world with 'Badlands'. She's a gifted singer and guitarist who's also capable of digging deep from within as a songwriter.” - Blues Bytes Magazine

Badlands is a hearty Blues Rock album that's gleaming with of the most honest albums you'll hear all year." - Fireworks Rock Metal Magazine

Minnesota-born and Nodak living, Jennifer Lyn mixes Bonnie Raitt-tinged vocals to ZZ-top boogie.” - Jazz Weekly

She's a vital part of the new generation of players that strive to create new, magical musical experiences, of which Badlands is a stunning example!” - The Nashville Blues Society

Her latest project, Badlands, is rich with soulful vocals and hot guitar licks.” - Americana Rhythm Music Magazine