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"I'm All Wrong for You Baby EP signals the arrival of a new blues-rock guitarslinger in town. Strat-toting Lyn plays with a burning intensity, stinging the strings and singing with a rarified growl on these five originals."

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Mandan News

Beyond the rev of the car engines and noise from the crowd at this weekend’s 2016 Buggies-n-Blues event in downtown Mandan, you will hear music. This year’s musical lineup is Bismarck’s Jennifer Lyn Band and Billy D and the Crystals, which performed at the event last year.


Jennifer Kessler of the Jennifer Lyn Band has been playing music since she was in high school. She said she put the guitar down and picked it back up five years ago. She is the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and founder of the band; the other members are bass player Darren King and drummer Kevin Holm.


A professor at Bismarck State College, Kessler was inspired to get back into music after a conversation she had with her grandmother. Her grandmother said, “If you’ve been given a gift, regardless if it makes you famous. You should do it because you’ve been given a gift.”


While getting reacquainted to the music scene and playing the guitar, she sat in with a few bands and was mentored by Richard Torrance, a local artist.


The Jennifer Lyn band officially formed in May 2015, said Kessler.


As a child, Kessler played the drums and guitar, and she also was a member of her junior high and high school choirs.


Kessler said what drives her is love for music: “You just get that feeling that it’s something you just love to do. Everybody finds that one thing that they absolutely love.”


Kessler’s musical inspirations are blues rock musicians Joanne Shaw Taylor and Carolyn Wonderland.


When asked what the crowd can expect musically this weekend at Buggies-n-Blues from her band, Kessler said, “We’re very blues rock, if anybody knows me they know I’ll be playing Led Zeppelin and anything else from the classic rock era that was heavy British blues.”


The Jennifer Lyn Band will be playing at Buggies-n-Blues from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Dykshoorn Park.



The Bismarck Tribune

Jennifer Lyn, a local blues-rock band, is partnering with Jerome Distributing in hopes of generating a buzz for the group's music.


Vocalist and lead guitarist Jennifer Lyn Kessler formed the band in 2015 with bassist Darren King and drummer Kevin Holm. The band spent the year playing venues around Bismarck-Mandan and aims to kick off the summer with a new tour and a break out album.


Kessler, a Minneapolis native, began playing guitar in high school. Her playing dropped off during college, but she picked up the instrument again when she moved to Bismarck.


"I only knew like five chords," she said, but the desire to write her own music pushed her to learn.


Kessler said she started singing country until people started telling her she had more of a bluesy voice.  She describes her sound as "Susan Tedeschi meets Jimi Hendrix crossed with a dash of 'Crossroads' by Cream, a little bit of Miranda Lambert, and a whole lot of Led Zeppelin."


Now she and her band cover blues-rock songs by artists such as Eric Clapton, Cream, Guns & Roses, Journey, B.B. King and Melissa Etheridge, along with performing original music.


"Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands," she said, and it is often how they close out the night.


Kessler also really likes Joe Bonamassa and said the genre and culture of blues is starting to see a revitalization.


For original music, Kessler's "I'm All wrong for You Baby" gets a lot of positive feedback."The girls really seem to like it," she said.


An engineering professor at Bismarck State College by day, Kessler and her band play mostly on the weekends. She said the partnership with Jerome's will help the band continue to grow a following. Jerome's will help market the group and the band will help bring a crowd to venues where Jerome's distributes MillerCoors products.


"One of the challenges of being an independent (not under a major recording label) band just starting out is that getting the word out about our band can be a challenge. We gain new fans every show and our following grows by the week, but everything with our band is very organic so there is a lot of feet pounding the pavement and word of mouth to spread the news about upcoming shows," she said.


Kessler also said it is exciting that residents are taking an interest in and embracing the local music scene. She is hoping that support continues when the band releases its first album, planned for this summer.


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